Deconstructing faith shouldn't be scary or lonely, even if it is hard.

It's normal to ask questions ( really is).

It is a natural part of faith—even if you feel bad for asking all these questions...even if others think you're going crazy.

Losing Faith, however, IS NOT what needs to happen while deconstructing fundamentalism.


... is help making 5 FUNDAMENTAL SHIFTS that will enable you to reconstruct your faith, reintegrate it with your entire life, and renew your walk with Jesus.

And that is why I made this course, to help you take those honest questions and unsettling doubts and use them as fertilizer for growing faith—to help you deconstruct fundamentalism without destroying your faith. 

AND YOU NEED these shifts explained in down to earth terms, in videos and with notes and slides.  AND YOU NEED 4 ebooks that take you deeper on the topics that you want to learn more about.  


This course IS FOR:

• The curious, but not the cynical
• Those questioning, not just complaining 

This course IS NOT FOR:

• The Uber-Confident, who have all the answers
• The Ultra-Cynical, who only want questions 

If you have everything figured out...then this isn’t for you

If you think every answer is a prison...then this isn’t for you


(Or the Trouble with Elites and Hacks...and a little about me)

There are plenty of elite academics in ivory towers, trained in the latest intellectual fashions and fanciest words.  

I (Geoff Holsclaw) was trained in all that when I got my PhD.  

But these elites have lost sight of the questionsdoubtshopes, and fears of everyday people.

And then there are the hack theologians.  They offer pious sounding words ripped from the headlines and the Bible.

They promise to revitalize your faith in two easy steps, banishing all doubts, and bringing you  peace and joy. But they don't. 

I'M NEITHER an elite academic nor a hack theologian. 

I'm both a pastor and professor. I'm both a theologian and practitioner. 

And I've walked through this process of deconstructing fundamentalism.  


Mining my own experience and talking and walking with many others, I created Deconstructing Fundamentalism without Destroying Faith in order to guide you through the 5 main shifts you need to make while deconstructing fundamentalism. 


I'm going to take you on a deep dive through 5 topics that will help you leave fundamentalism without losing your faith. 

Basically, the goal is to focus on JESUS!

(Yes, I made an acronym out of Jesus' name. I told you I'm a recovering fundamentalist!)

• From Biblicism to Jesus, the Word

• From Independent Brain to Embodied Faith

• From Anti-Science to Sacred World

• From Penal Substitution to Victorious Union

• From Culture War to Sent into the World.

WHY $47 is that much for this course

You could pay...

  • $1500 for a 10-week seminary course (people go to seminary just to figure out their faith)
  • $525 to audit the same course (with no homework). 
  • $250 for a conference (but then you get information overloaded).
  • $150+ for the Netflix of theology (but these are usually just people talking about their books)
  • $100+ in books (that you might not read and won't know if they are the best authors)



• 11 videos  on 5 topics (with PDF outlines and slides) ($200)

• 4 special ebooks 

  • How We Got the Bible ($10)
  • The Brain God Gave Us ($10)
  • The Forgotten Sacrifices of Jesus ($10)
  • The Scandal of the Evangelical Memory ($10)

• All taught by a pastor-theologian, 

• who is also a seminary professor!


You are actually saving time and money by taking this course!


Dr. Geoff Holsclaw

Geoff Holsclaw (PhD, Marquette University, Theology and Society) is a local church pastor and seminary professor. He teaches and trains out of his extensive pastoral and academic experience. He has written three books aimed at equipping the church for mission in North America.

Course Curriculum

  1. 2
  2. 3
    • From an Individual Brain...

    • ...To Embodied Faith

    • The Brain God Gave Us - Ebook

    • 2.1 From Individual Brain (Outline)

    • 2.2 To Embodied Faith (Outline)

    • LFLF "To Embodied Faith" 2.2 (slides)

  3. 4
    • From Anti-Science...

    • ...To a Sacred World

    • 3.1 From Anti-Science (Outline)

    • 3.2 To Sacred World (Outline)

    • LFLF "To Sacred World" 3.2 (slides)

  4. 5
    • From Penal Substitution...

    • ...To Victorious Union

    • The Forgotten Sacrifice of Jesus - Ebook

    • 4.1 From Penal Substitution (Outline)

    • 4.2 To Victorious Union (Outline)

    • LFLF "From Penal Substitution" 4.1 (slides)

  5. 6
    • From Culture War...

    • ...To Sent As Witnesses

    • The Scandal of the Evangelical Memory - Ebook

    • 5.1 From Culture War (Outline)

    • 5.2 To Sent as Witnesses (Outline)

    • LFLF "To Sent as Witnesses" 5.2 (slides)